Comparable Sales for 105 FOURTH AVE

105 FOURTH AVE is Block 176, Lot 6 in Lindenwold Boro, Camden County.

The property last sold on for .

Map of Comparables

Map colors based on Price Per Square Foot, with red and green denoting below or above one standard deviation from the mean.

Data for 105 FOURTH AVE

List of Comparable Sales

The table below contains the comps for 105 FOURTH AVE. Click on the table headers to resort the list. You can download the list to Excel using the button at the bottom of the page.

Recently SoldDatePriceFT2$/FT2Building DescriptionConstructed
50 FAIRMOUNT AVE 912 1SF 1954
730 BENTLEY RD 912 1SFAL 1956
66 PRINCETON RD 1128 1SF 1930
232 GIBBSBORO RD 1542 2SF 1920
404 TIMBER CREEK 1337 2SF 1973
127 MADISON AVE 1228 One and a Half Story Single Family with Two Car Garage 1953
1804 MASON RUN 1655 2SF ESSINGTON 1993
637 NINTH AVE 1722 One Story Single Family with One Car Garage 1967
409 MASON RUN 1536 2SF ASHLAND 1970
15 GIBBSBORO RD 1720 2SB 1900
22 PARK AVE W 1946 1SF 1950
430 WALNUT AVE 1778 One and a Half Story Single Family with One Car Garage 1940
107 FAIRMOUNT AVE 1560 Two and a Half Story Single Family 1890
454 FIFTH AVE 1968 1.5SAV 1990

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