1435 COUNTY ROAD 519

1435 COUNTY ROAD 519 is Block 24, Lot 35.02 in Alexandria Twp, Hunterdon County.

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1435 COUNTY ROAD 519

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Data on 1435 County Road 519, Alexandria Twp

Building Description2SF-3AG
Year Constructed2003
Interior Space (ft2)4558

This property last sold for on . See sales information for 1435 County Road 519, as far back as 30 years.

The Deed for 1435 County Road 519 is filed with the County Clerk in Book 2072 on Page 445.

This property was assessed for . The land was assessed at and the improvements to the property were assessed at .

1435 County Road 519 costs POSSUMATO, RICCARDO E & JOANNE annually in taxes.

Utility Providers

Electricity service is provided by Jersey Central Power & Light.

Natural gas service is provided by Elizabethtown Gas.

This property is not in a sewer service area.

Broadband Internet

ProviderTypeBandwidth (mbps)
Service Electric Cable TV Cable 150  10
PenTeleData Limited Partnership I Fiber 1,000  1,000
PenTeleData Limited Partnership I Cable 50  5
CenturyLink DSL 10  768

Broadband service provider data from June 2018.

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