Comparable Sales for 2 N SMITH ST

2 N SMITH ST is Block 855.14, Lot 43 in Woodbridge Twp, Middlesex County. The building description is encoded as "1S F R".

The property last sold on for .

Map of Comparables

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Data for 2 N SMITH ST

List of Comparable Sales

The table below contains the comps for 2 N SMITH ST. Click on the table headers to resort the list. You can download the list to Excel using the button at the bottom of the page.

Recently SoldDatePriceFT2$/FT2Building DescriptionConstructed
1501 MADALINE DR 0 Condominium 1991
1702 MADALINE DR 0 Condominium 1991
87 BLAIR RD 970 1S F R 1952
107 OMAR AVE 1979 1S AL 2 BG 1679
37A FREEMAN ST 1152 1S AL F 1956
66 E FIFTH AVE 1650 2S AL S 1951
115 VASSAR PL 1312 1S AL F AG 1943
46 WEST SIDE AVE 1870 2S F L 1AG 1984
12 FIFTH AVE 2252 2S AL L BG 1921
72 NORWOOD AVE 3033 2S AL S AG 1960

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